• Light & Healthy

    • Smooth & Crunchy

      47 AED

      Organic yoghurt blend wih chia seeds, layered with seasonal berries and topped with crunchy granola

    • Power Start

      40 AED

      Whole grain rolled oats served with chia seeds, shredded coconut flakes, blended berries and sliced banana

    • Sunshine Bowl

      35 AED

      A selection of seasonal fruits and berries

    • Peanut Butter Smoothie Bowl

      45 AED

      A blend of peanut butter, banana and almond milk, topped with granola, banana and peanuts

    • Acai Smoothie Bowl

      53 AED

      Acai berry puree with frozen bananas, frozen berries topped with chia seeds and fresh berries

    • Eggs & More

    • Farmers Market

      45 AED

      Omelette with bacon, tomatoes, green zucchini, herbs, emmental cheese and onions, with your choice of bread and roasted potatoes or fruit salad.

    • Sunrise

      40 AED

      Scrambled eggs, smashed avocado, turkey ham, served on an english muffin, with your choice of roasted potatoes or fruit salad.

    • Avo'daise Melt

      55 AED

      Smashed avocado, poached eggs and basil pesto sauce on toasted sourdough bread, with your choice of roasted potatoes or fruit salad.

    • Twisted Benedict

      55 AED

      Poached eggs, bagon, pesto hollandaise sauce served on an english muffin with a side of roasted tomatoes and grilled asparagus.

    • Avo'dict

      65 AED

      Poached eggs, bacon with avocado hollandaise sauce served in a croissant.

    • Breakfast Quesadilla

      55 AED

      Scrambled eggs with bacon, a blend of cheddar and parmesan cheese, avocado and chilli served in our house-made tortilla bread with a side of salsa and sour cream.

    • Breakfast Burger

      55 AED

      Beef sausage patty and scrambled eggs with beef bacon and portobello mushrooms served in a potato bun with secret sauce and snow pea salad.

    • Breakfast Ciabatta

      45 AED

      Cheesy scrambled eggs served on a herby ciabatta bread with turkey bacon and secret sauce served with mixed green salad.

    • Breakfast Burrito

      55 AED

      Black beans, corn, red chili, mashed avocado, scrambled eggs, feta cheese and ranchero sauce served in a tortilla bread.

    • Steak & Eggs

      50 AED

      Beef tenderloin medallions, eggs sunny side up, bearnaise sauce, served with red and yellow capsicums and asparagus flowers.

    • Eggs your way

      50 AED